Below are recommendations for working with any accounts that are in our store. Please note that we do not work with accounts (we only register), so we can not fully advise you. You can find all the basic information on your topic on the Internet.

Recommendations for working with any account are as follows:

1. Use of quality proxies. 
The problem: if you log in to multiple accounts with 1 ip-address, then all of your accounts can be blocked.
The solution: use high-quality proxies. Qualitative proxies (ip-addresses) in this case are understood as individual IPv4 proxies (they are exclusive / private, that is, only 1 person uses them – you).
What can not be done:
-not use batch proxies like fineproxy, proxymir, etc.
-Do not use browser-based applications to change the ip type Hola, FreeVPN, etc.
-You are not advised to use an IPv6 proxy. Important: It is not possible to use ipv6 at all on the social network Vkontakte.
Outcome: use high-quality proxies. According to the rules our store – when authorizing in 2 or more accounts you must use different proxy.
A selection of services for renting a proxy can be found here: a selection of proxies


Ps: specific recommendations for working with Facebook accounts: FB recommendations

2. Use different devices to log into multiple accounts. 
The problem: when you log in to multiple accounts from 1 device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.), then the whole stack of your accounts can be blocked.
Solution: use various profile programs and services.
What are NOT different devices:
-Extensive browser window and incognito mode
-clear cookies in browsers
-different browsers.
What are different devices:
-computer, second computer-
phone, second phone-
profile program for logging into accounts
-change UserAgent in the browser and others follow-up actions  with the browser
-use of special browsers, which themselves change the data of the device. Example:

Outcome: use different devices or profile programs. According to the rules of our store – when authorizing in 2 or more accounts, you must use different devices.
A selection of programs and services for each can be found here: a selection of programs and services

3. Limits and humanlike actions. 
The problem: if you immediately start working with accounts rigidly (making thousands of likes, sending hundreds of messages, etc.), then your accounts will quickly block.
Solution: for less secure work, you must first perform some common actions that the normal person does when registering. Example: fill out the page, subscribe to several people, put a few likes, complete the page, fill in a few photos, make a few reposts, comments, etc.

Important: We are not responsible for the developers of programs, services and proxy providers. All accounts are registered by us or our partners with the help of private software (programs that are not available in public access) and by means of proxies, which we also raised ourselves (they are also not available in public).

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