Recommendations for working with Facebook accounts:

 We are often asked questions that somehow relate to working with advertising rooms and spam in Facebook accounts. Here are some of them, for example: 
-which accounts are suitable for draining advertising from Facebook accounts? 
-which accounts are suitable for work in ads manager and business manager? 
-Which accounts advise for arbitration of traffic and draining on siskokremy? 
-which accounts will advise that they are not banished and do not request a passport?

Our usual answer to such questions is that we do not know which accounts can be approached. we do not work with Facebook. But we can help a little in self-selection of such accounts. Especially for this we consulted with several people who work directly with the FB advertising cabinet or use FB accounts for spam by groups, messages, for inviting, etc.


Important: Before you select accounts, first read the store rules and recommendations for using accounts. This is very important for any social network and Facebook in particular.

Optimal conditions:

-accounts with registration date up to 2015 inclusive. The older the age of the account, the better-the 
accounts with the IP address of registration and use of the country from which you plan to work. 
Example: if you plan to use German proxy and pay for advertising with a German card or PayPal, then look for the corresponding German account. 
Important: accounts of the following countries have a lowered level of trust (trust from Facebook): Russia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc.

Ideal conditions:

-link the mail of the country with which you plan to work 
-accounts with a completed profile- 
accounts with posts that were added to the wall for a long period-an 
account with friends-an 
account with the maximum number of confirmations. (confirmation by mail, phone, two-factor authorization, etc.) 
-The account has an increased trust, if it already advertised white goods. 
-The account has an increased trust, if with it any purchases were paid. An example is making purchases through amazon, ebay through a Facebook account.
– In addition to the basic rules and recommendations of the store – you should use for your one Facebook account your permanent ip (proxy) and your permanent useragent. Those. Do not log into the same account under different data.

Types of standard locks from Facebook and ways to bypass them:

1) Snap the phone. 
Solution: tie your phone (recommended) or a temporary phone with SMS activation services (not recommended). 1 phone – 1 account. 
2) Sending selfie. 
-If there is an avatar and photos on the account, then you can send something to check for it. Previously, it’s better to save the photo in any graphic editor. 
-if there are no photos and avatars on the account (or there is only an avatar), then you can take any photo of a person from the Internet (example: take a photo from someone’s profile VKontakte) and send it for verification. 
As practice has shown, 90% of sent self-successfully pass the test within 2 days and you again get access to your account. 
3) Confirmation of the account under the passport. 
-if you have a Russian account, then you can try using the program “RF_SCreater” using the data of the blocked account (name, date of birth, country, city) 
-if you have a foreign account, then … we do not have a solution to this problem yet

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