The rules with which you agree at the time of purchase:

Part 1.

1.  Claims on the quality of accounts are accepted within 24 hours  from the date of their purchase, unless otherwise specified within the account description (especially for brutus – guarantee for them up to 4 hours, so check them immediately). Start using accounts right away, because many services close accounts for inaction / arrange scheduled cleanings. Do not buy accounts for future use – after 24 hours after purchase, even if you do not use accounts – we will not be able to refund your money.

2.  When authorizing in 2 or more accounts, use  different devices and a proxy . You can use accounts without a proxy and from one device (different browsers are not different devices), but in this case we have the right to refuse to replace / return funds. Using more than two accounts from the same ip-address / device significantly increases the probability of blocking any accounts. Read more about how to properly use the accounts here:

3. Read the account descriptions before purchasing. A detailed description is opened by clicking on the selected account type.

Part 2.

– Check the website and all information provided on the site.
-All purchases on are non refundable but replaceable.
-Never use accounts with proxy or vpn if you do not know what you are doing.
-If you are unable to pay please contact us on our website livechat, contact form or telegram channel  .
-Not use ipv6 proxy for VC expences
– The orders are stored in the store no more than 1 month. We will not be able to restore your orders if you deleted them.
-Any brute-accounts, retreat-asset and retracement-inactive accounts, as well as accounts of real users sooner or later can return their real owners. They can do it themselves or with technical support. Guarantee of this no.
-Do not buy accounts for months ahead . First, test a small amount (up to 10, and preferably single).
-If you have problems with issuing accounts, contact the contacts within an hour after purchase, specifying the time and order number.
-Check the goods immediately after purchase.. Bought – checked everything (or selectively, if there is no way to check all the goods at once). If there are problems with the goods (invalid, blocked, etc. accounts), report as soon as possible, and not after half an hour, hour, etc. Valid (workable) accounts are not replaceable. If you logged in and made something with it, and then it was banned, then it is no longer subject to refund. If you report or decided to report a problem product not immediately (after 24 hours) – the responsibility for the purchased goods is already on you and you can not replace the goods or return the funds. We, in turn, always try to place high-quality and 100% valid goods (if the description of the goods does not say the opposite, mainly refers to brutus). But everywhere there are jambs,
-Purchased goods are not refundable (applies to those cases when you were not careful when choosing the purchase of goods and buying it, then make claims that this is not what you need, etc. Be careful, read the description for the goods. If you still have questions, then write to the specified contacts on the site.) The product is subject to replacement only in case of its invalidity – the account is blocked, the account has been deleted, the incorrect data to enter the account. If an invalid account can not be replaced, then a refund is made. After the purchase of the goods, all responsibility goes to the buyer. In these cases, we can only help with answers and advice about the problem that has arisen and why it happened.
-Return is possible on Yandex-money, Qiwi or Webmoney. Return to bank card is not possible.
-We are not engaged in training , advice on what to do with the purchased product, what security measures should be taken when accessing and using accounts, depending on the service or how to log in correctly from the purchased account. To the goods there is always an available description, there are questions – ask on the contacts before buying.
-Time for technical support response up to 24 hours . Usually much faster.
-Buying accounts and leaving your mail when buying, you automatically agree to the newsletter from our store (we do not send out newsletters very often, do not worry).
-We guarantee the sale of goods in one hand .
-If there are problems with the purchase, after the purchase of goods or other difficulties associated with this, then contact the contacts.

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