AdGuard: Lifetime Subscription

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System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
  • OS X 10.10 (64 bit) or higher
  • iOS 10.0 or later
  • Android 5.0 or higher

Introducing AdGuard, The World’s Leading Ad Blocking System

This comprehensive application software offers more than just ad-blocking. Powered by advanced computing and digital technology, AdGuard is your shield in the vast cyberspace, offering superior protection against malware attacks, intrusive ads, and cybercrime, while also providing robust parental controls.

AdGuard is the product of innovative computer engineering, designed to provide optimal user experience on the World Wide Web. Its system software has been highly rated across various platforms, with impressive reviews on G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot. It’s compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows 10, iOS, and Android, making it a versatile choice for both mobile computers and desktops.

How Can AdGuard Help Keep You Safe Online?

  • Advanced Ad Blocking: Say goodbye to annoying banners, pop-ups and video ads. AdGuard’s cutting-edge technology ensures a clean and smooth browsing experience.
  • Privacy Protection: AdGuard’s software engineering protects your data from a multitude of trackers and activity analyzers that swarm the web, ensuring your online activities remain private.
  • Malware Protection: Safeguard your digital media and information technology from fraudulent websites, phishing attempts, and malware attacks.
  • Parental Control: AdGuard’s robust parental control feature lets you restrict your children from accessing inappropriate and adult content, ensuring a safe digital environment.
  • Wide Compatibility: Whether you’re using a smartphone or a computer, AdGuard has you covered. It’s compatible with a range of operating systems, including Windows 10, iOS, and Android.

Is AdGuard Worth It For The Whole Family?

The best part? This is a lifetime subscription. With a one-time payment, you get lifelong access to all of these amazing features. It’s a high-value investment in your digital safety and sanity.

What Sets This AdGuard Family Plan Lifetime Deal Apart:

    • Unmatched Ad Blocking: AdGuard goes beyond basic ad blocking. It eliminates all types of ads, ensuring your browsing experience remains uninterrupted and enjoyable.
    • Privacy Protection: In today’s vast cyberspace, data privacy is paramount. With AdGuard, your data remains hidden from trackers and activity analyzers, offering you a secure browsing environment.
    • Malware Protection: AdGuard serves as your shield against harmful malware and phishing websites, keeping your digital world safe and secure.
    • Parental Controls: For parents, AdGuard is an indispensable tool. Its parental control feature allows you to restrict access to inappropriate and adult content, ensuring a safe online environment for your kids.

Compatibility Across Devices:

    Designed for both Android and iOS operating systems, AdGuard is a versatile software that works seamlessly on your smartphones and mobile computers.

  • Lifetime Subscription: With a one-time payment, you get a lifetime subscription to AdGuard. This incredible offer ensures you get continuous updates and new features, providing great value for your investment.

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AdGuard: Lifetime Subscription

$12.99$14.99 (-90%)

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