Locker Password Manager Premium Plan: Lifetime Subscription

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System Requirements

  • Android from 5.0. (Best experience with Android 8 to 11)
  • iOS from 11.0. (Best experience with iOS 12)

Store your passwords, manage sensitive data, fill in forms, and log into your favorite sites with just one click. Locker is here to help.

Locker is a cross-platform password manager that helps users secure sensitive data such as passwords, secret notes, payment cards, and online identities. It stores passwords and autofill information for popular websites, logs you into your favorite sites, and scans for data breaches to ensure that your privacy is protected. Locker also offers additional features to enhance your browsing experiences like password autofill, item sharing, and more.

Why choose Locker over other password managers?


  • Military-grade encryption. AES-256bit encryption combined with PBKDF2 & RSA algorithm makes your data un-crackable
  • Master Password. Only key to decrypt your data

Privacy & Transparency

  • Zero-knowledge architecture.Your Master Passwords is only yours. Nobody, even CyStack can see it
  • Open-source. Everyone can inspect Locker’s source code

Unlimited Sync

  • Sync across devices. Once you add, edit, or remove items in your Locker on a device, the data will be synced across all other devices

App-Integrated OTP

  • One-time password (time-based). Enables you to block hackers from accessing your accounts even when they’ve got the passwords

Bring Your Passwords with You

  • Offline mode. Use Locker anywhere, anytime, even when your phone is not connected to the internet

Other Add-On Features

  • Private email. Helps generate unlimited aliases & keep your true email private
  • Locker quick share. Users can securely share Locker items with anyone, even if they don’t have a Locker account (under development)
  • Crypto asset protection. Gives prominence to crypto wallets, with the custom form to make it easier to store every aspect of a wallet
  • Unlimited storage. Allows you to save your passwords & data
  • Data breach scanner. Scans & sends alerts if it detects that your data has been leaked in any data breaches
  • Emergency access. Add your trusted contacts so they can help access your data in any emergency cases

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Locker Password Manager

Locker Password Manager Premium Plan: Lifetime Subscription

$65.00$299.40 (-78%)

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